Why Dusting Matters

Dust can be hard on your health- inhaling dust can aggravate allergies and asthma. So dusting isn't only about making your home look good, it's also a health issue. Within that layer of innocent looking dust are the little critters that feed on the dust- dust mites. These creatures feed on what dust is made of- dried skin, pet dander, mold spores, bits of food and other environmental stuff. Most of our allergies are due to the mites' waste. So dealing with dust means you get rid of these mites and their waste in one swoop. Dusting regularly and effectively can help reduce allergic reactions. Dial-A-Maid's motto of "It's Us or Dust" is quite relevant to helping you and your family stay healthy.

Here are a few dusting tips for every day use. 

* Silk flowers and artificial plants are easier to clean when you put them in a paper bag with a few tablespoons of salt, close the bag and shake rapidly. The dust just falls off them.

* TV Screens and computer monitors are easy to dust with fabric softener sheets. Just toss sheets in the trash when finished. No fuss, no mess, and they leave a streak-free, dusted shine.

* Ceiling Fans can be dusted well with the dusting attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Specialty attachments can be purchased for your vacuum just for cleaning ceiling fans.  If you have a lot of ceiling fans in your home, it might be worth the investment.

* Soft, clean paintbrushes are excellent tools for dusting pleated lampshades and other nitpicky areas. Or use your hair drier on the no heat setting to blow away the dust.

* A slightly dampened microfiber cleaning cloth is a great dusting option because it leaves no lint, and you can clean without any added chemicals. Slightly moistening it with water will make the dust stick easily.

Reduce clutter to make dusting an easier chore. Fewer knick-knacks mean fewer surfaces for dust to collect on the therefore less dusting to do.

If dusting makes you cough or sneeze, use a face mask or bandana around your nose and mouth when doing this chore. Or call Dial-A-Maid and we can demonstrate just how allergy-free and healthy  a dust-free home can be!


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