Versatile and High Quality House Cleaning Arlington Heights, IL Services

Family-owned, we have been offering high quality maid services to the Chicago area since 1970, and it has always been our aim to provide the best, most trusted house cleaning Arlington Heights, IL services for our clients.

Our employees work in teams of two to three people, as we discovered that teams are more efficient than a single worker, and are able to give a higher level of quality cleaning. All our house cleaning Arlington Heights, IL teams have a very high work ethic and will treat each client’s home as if it is their own, always assuring that the job is done properly!

Our staff has been trained to be versatile and is capable of performing many types of cleaning. We can do an initial deep cleaning, then regular weekly or biweekly cleaning. We also provide cleaning for those moving into a house, or moving out. Our company cultivates an excellent attention to detail, so our staff will never leave any corner or cranny uncleaned!

We are also mindful of the health issues that can occur with the use of more traditional cleaning chemicals. Some people have a sensitivity or allergy to these products, so here at Dial-A-Maid, we use non-toxic, safe cleaning chemicals made from natural ingredients. This protects our clients, as well as creates a safer working environment for our employees.

Please consult our website for more information on the cleaning packages we offer. We have services tailored for many different budgets.

We offer convenient, flexible scheduling (Monday through Saturday) as well as a 24-hour cleaning guarantee. We provide our staff with state-of-the-art supplies and equipment, and regularly train them on the most efficient house cleaning techniques. We are bonded, licensed, and insured.


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