Unclogging Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks in Evanston, Il

Slow drains are often the result of hair and food buildup reducing the width of the pipe, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il.  Chemical drain cleaners are readily available and can break down organic clogs without damaging the pipe. The problem with these chemicals is they are dangerous and cause chemical burns, and if splashed into your eyes, can cause blindness. If children are present in a home, consider other options.

For Kitchen Sinks: Two rules to remember- NEVER pour grease down a drain, and flush the drain occasionally with very hot(near boiling) water. Sinks can also be plunged, like a toilet. If your kitchen has a double sink, the second drain must be blocked tightly during plunging or the plunger will be ineffective. Make sure the plug is held in place while plunging or it may fly out of the drain with some force. When plunging a double sink with a garbage disposal, only plunge the side without the disposal. For an extra good seal, a layer of petroleum jelly can be applied to the lip of the plunger. Be sure to run lots of hot water to flush any debris away.

For Bathroom Sinks: Hair-wrapped stoppers are a primary cause of slow draining bathroom sinks. The stoppers grab hair and other stuff before it can be washed away. Under the sink, where the pipe exits the bowl, is a nut on the back side of the drain pipe. This attaches the control arm to the stopper. Place a bucket under the work area and wear gloves. Loosen and remove the nut to slide the control arm away from the pipe. Once the control arm is clear, the stopper should pull right out and drag all of its nasty yucky stuff with it. It's wise to clean the goo out of the pipe as well. A bottlebrush comes in handy for this task, but an old toothbrush works, too. Finally, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il,  be sure to reassemble everything and  tighten the nut around the control arm to prevent leaks. 

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