Types and Techniques for vacuuming in Evanston, Il.

A good vacuum cleaner can be your best bet, when it comes to floor care, An upright vacuum cleaner with a beater brush is great for any type of carpeting, as long as you adjust the beater brush for the type of carpet that you have. If you have a lot of hard flooring,  than it is better for you to purchase a canister vacuum that can be used safely for your hard flooring. Not only is it excellent for any hard flooring that you might have, but it is great for vacuuming crown moldings, door frames, baseboards, and upholstery. It vacuums all the corners and under the furniture as well. Use the appropriate attachments for each specific task that you are doing.If you have a canister, you will not have to change or disengage your upright vacuums beater brush. Remember, Never Ever, use a beater brush on any of your hard flooring. It will grind the dirt into the floor like a sanding belt. For anyone that has a lot of carpeting in their house or business, below are some types of carpeting material:  

Types of carpeting include: Nylon- which is very durable, withstands wear, and resists stains. Olefin- is frequently used for berber-style carpets and commercial loops. It's stain resistant but has a very low melting point and loves oil, making greasy spots more difficult to remove. Polyester- is more environmentally friendly, but it isn't as stain resistant as nylon. Vacuuming regularly can significantly increase the life span of this lower cost and fairly stain-resistant option. Wool- has a much higher cost initially but is much more resilient than synthetic fibers. It is naturally stain resistant. 

When vacuuming, begin in one corner of the room and vacuum in short strokes that overlap. Work your way in sections until the entire room has been vacuumed, with each area of carpeting receiving several passes from the vacuum. High traffic areas should be vacuumed across and against the flow of traffic to help reduce matting. Types and techniques for vacuuming is very important for health and longevity of all your carpets.


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