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As we unfortunately know, there are numerous jobs that should be done, in our homes, on a regular, consistent basis to keep it healthier and fresher for ourselves and our family. There is the well used kitchen, the overused bathrooms, and that just starts to name the rooms in our homes that need to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular, consistent basis. There is also the living and dining rooms, and the gathering place of the infamous family room. The bedrooms, laundry room, and finished basement area may conclude all the rooms that need to be straightened and cleaned daily. House Cleaning in Evanston, IL., the way we do it , is a total, hands on, task. The lists of items to be cleaned and how it is done, is very comprehensive. Starting in the kitchen, the cabinets, if there are children in the house, need to be wiped and de-fingerprinted. Counter tops should be washed and sanitized to prevent the spread of any food borne  disease. Bathroom counter tops, sinks, toilets, showers, and floors are also very important areas, that are often overlooked. They should be hygienically cleaned on a consistent basis. In all bedrooms, there should not be any dust or dirt that can be breathed and inhaled while we are sleeping. Bed linens should be changed on a regular, timely, basis.The family room needs to be cleaned, vacuumed, and dusted on a daily basis. This room is where the whole family tends to gather and spend time. The laundry room also is probably used everyday and needs to be sanitized and cleaned. Living, Dining, and basement areas should be looked at and cleaned when necessary.

We work together with you to develop a house cleaning program which considers anything and everything that needs to be cleaned, and establishes a frequency for everything. Our trained, insured, and bonded cleaning technicians, will work wholeheartedly with you to thoroughly and consistently sanitize your whole house. Whether you have carpeting, ceramic or vinyl tile, wood flooring, our cleaning technicians will know how to dissolve the dirt, debris, and dust from them and what products to use to effectively clean and sanitize them. When our employees are finished cleaning your home, you will be happy and grateful to have a clean, living environment, once again.

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