Toilet Bowl Brushes and Swabs in Evanston, Il. 60201

A Toilet Bowl Brush is a bristle brush often with an oval-shaped head used to brush the inside of a toilet bowl, says a savvy Residential Cleaning Service. This brush is basically a toilet toothbrush. A bowl brush won't really do anything for hard-water deposits, but the ordinary scum and residue that collects on the walls of the bowl every few days can be dislodged swiftly with a brush and then flushed away. The curved neck of the brush allows it to reach easily under the lip and down the throat of the toilet. You can be agressive with the brush, it won't hurt the toilet. A good stiff nylon-bristle brush with a plastic handle won't rust and will hold up longer than natural bristle, which tends to flatten after a while. 

A Toilet Bowl Swab , says a renown Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il., is a little bunny taillike ball of rayon, acrylic, or cotton on the end of a 12 inch plastic handle. Swabs are designed to clean a toilet without scratching it, and if that round head is thrust vigorously into the throat of the toilet several times, it will drive the water down and out of the bowl so it is empty and easy to clean. You then use a swab for everyday cleaning of the bowl. Don't forget up under the rim where the orifices, little water inlets, often get clogged with mineral deposits. After use, swabs should be rinsed, shaken dry, and stored in a bowl caddy. 

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