Spot Treating Stains in Evanston, Il

Between regular steam cleanings on your carpets, spot treatment for stains is occasionally necessary. It's good to have a basket full of old white towels or white rags on hand. You can purchase these white rags in the automobile section of your local big box store. They are super absorbent and good for a variety of things around the house. Whenever tackling stains or spills, first remove any solid particles by hand- using a plastic bag or glove and then blot, never rub, any remaining liquid. There is an exception for mud- let it dry before cleaning. Once it has solidified, break up the clump and vacuum thoroughly before any stain removal. One of the biggest problems with many commercial stain removers is they offer only a temporary solution and may leave the area more vulnerable to damage from oils in the future, or leave a sticky residue that attracts more dirt.

For water-soluble stains, spot treat with white vinegar diluted with warm, tepid water. Pour a small amount over the stain and blot gently with white rags. When the surface dirt is completely gone, place several white rags over the spot and weigh them down with a heavy object for a couple of hours. The cotton absorbs the moisture the moisture from the carpet and helps prevent the pad from becoming saturated, thus avoiding any mildew growth. 

Oily stains are more difficult to remove. Use a small amount of diluted dishwasher detergent and blot the stain. Remove as much moisture as possible, then follow with the vinegar solution to rinse any, soapy residue, blotting and wetting until all traces of soap have been removed. 

In either case, running a fan in the room for several hours after removing the weighted rags helps the area dry thoroughly. Vacuum after the carpet has dried to restore the texture. If, when dry, the stain reappears, repeat the process. Always try to remove any spots and stains immediately to have the most success.  

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