Sofas,Maintaining and Preserving them, in Evanston,Il.60201

Sofas are expensive and crumbs and dirt will damage their covers. Keep them in tip-top condition by vacuuming them every week and wiping up stains immediately! On a weekly basis, these are the following vacuuming tips for both fabric and leather sofas. We, here, at Dial-A-Maid cleaning service in Evanston IL. vacuum and maintain your sofas on a weekly basis as part of our inclusive weekly maintaince program.

1. Remove all pillows and seat cushions, and lay them on a nearby table or large chair. If your sofa stands next to the wall, pull it out so you can vacuum behind it. 

2. Check between the back and seat and down the sides for any items that may fallen there, then vacuum in all the nooks and crannies, using the crevice nozzel.

3. Using the dusting-brush attachment and gentle suction, vacuum the entire sofa, including the back and cushions. Focus especially on areas where dust gathers.

4. When you have finished, replace the seat cushions, plump the loose pillows, and put them back on the sofa. Move the sofa back into position

Following the above vacuuming directions also for leather sofas. In addition, once per month, you should wipe the leather with a  barely damp,  microfiber cloth,  using warm water. To remove ingrained dirt and nourish the leather at the same time, apply soft saddle soap on s dry sponge, working on a small area at a time. Rub in the saddle soap well. Finish by rubbing the entire surface of the sofa with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Use a repetitive motion to bring a glow to the leather.

Once per 6 months or so, you should polish the leather with a leather-conditioner. This preserves the texture and glossiness of the leather.

We here at Dial-A-Maid cleaning service in Evanston, il know just how to maintain and preserve your sofas for years to come. 

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