Smelly House Odors Eliminated in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL.

Smelly House odors can be eliminated with a few innovative and natural techniques in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL. There are many ways we can get rid of bad and repulsing odors from our houses by just using a few ingredients that we have already in our homes. Below are listed a few of these amazing and worthwhile tips to do just that, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL.

  1. Cut one fresh lemon into slices, about 5 cinnamon sticks, some cloves, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, in ½ pot of water and place on top of your stove. Slowly simmer them when you are cooking smelly foods, e.g. fish, cauliflower, etc. in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL.  Any objectionable odors will be eliminated from your kitchen and dining room. You could also put these ingredients into a Crock Pot on a 8-10 hour slow cooking time, and your whole kitchen and house will be permeated with pleasant smells and no obnoxious odors, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL.
  2. Coffee grinds are great odor absorbers. Pour some coffee grinds in some open bowls, or in a large holed cheese shaker, anywhere in the house that have odors. The coffee grinds will absorb the smells, deodorize, and not leave any coffee smells behind. A great place to put them is in the closet on the shelf. Your closet mustiness will be greatly decreased, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL.
  3. To really make your Refrigerator smell good, pour a few drops of vanilla extract on a paper towel and wipe your refrigerator shelves. Or, get a few cotton balls and saturate them with vanilla extract and put them in a small cup in your Refrigerator. Your Refrigerator will smell delicious and clean, every time you open it’s door, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL.
  4. If you have had any house guest that smoke, tobacco smells can be left behind and can be very strong. Short of telling your house guests to go outside and smoke, place some open bowls of white vinegar around the rooms that they are in. The vinegar will absorb the tobacco smells. After your guests leave, make sure to change the vinegar in the bowls for a couple of days afterward. All the tobacco smells should be gone or greatly alleviated in your house, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Northbrook, IL.
  5. Essential Oils are wonderful neutralizers. Put 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil onto your furnace filter after you clean it, on cotton balls and put them into your closets, even on exposed light bulbs and lamps around the house. Your house will be permeated with your essential oil smell, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL.
  6. Don’t forget about Baking Soda as a deodorizing product in your house, in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Wilmette, IL. Put a bowl of Baking Soda in the Refrigerator to absorb the food smells, if any. Sprinkle Baking Soda on your carpets or sofas, leave it set for about ½ hour, then vacuum it up. Your furniture and carpets will smell clean and be odor free. Even pour some Baking Soda into an old sock, tie it, and put it into your sock drawer. It will, again, eliminate any odors that are there.

Of course, to greatly eliminate odors and smells in our houses, there is nothing better than having a clean house. Cleaning on a regular and consistent basis should be our primary objective, in order not to have any smells permeating throughout our houses.

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