Small Appliance Cleaning in Evanston, Il

Before putting items, as in small appliances, back on top of your countertops, wipe them down, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. Otherwise, you are reintroducing dirt to the area you just cleaned. Smaller items, such as knife blocks, spoon rests, and utensil holders, can be wiped down with a soft cloth that has been sprayed with the vinegar solution. Be sure to pay particular attention to the bottoms of these items before returning them to the clean counter. 

If you keep small appliances- such as a toaster, blender, can opener, or coffee pot- on top of the counter, dump any crumb remnants over the sink. Then check the appliances inside and out for lingering dirt. If the appliances are not used frequently, they can become dirty by harboring normal household dust. In addition, you should carefully run the soft cloth along the entire plug to keep it clean as well. Do not introduce wetness to the plug head that goes into the socket. It is unnecessary to plg items in that are not being used. It is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly to plug them in only as you use them, since they usually draw power if they are plugged in, even if they are not in use.

If you own a microwave oven, and who doesn't, you use it a lot. The more it gets used, the more it needs to be cleaned. Use the vinegar and water solution to clean the microwave inside and out. It it is a freestanding model that is not attached to the wall or a cabinet, be sure to lift it up and clean it underneath. Wipe down the back and along the plug cord as well, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. The above suggestions are referenced to in The Complete Guide of Eco-Friendly House Cleaning by Anne B. Kocsis.

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