Shower Door Soap Scum Removal in Evanston, Il

Shower Door Soap Scum Removal in Evanston, Il. can be done very easily and with all environmentally friendly products. Whether with normal soap scum or with hard water spots, the following recipe will work wonders for any shower door and will not make you sneeze and cough with any store bought harsh, chemical products.  
The ingredients are:  
1.Blue Dawn Dishwasher washing liquid- available in any supermarket or home goods store. 
2. White, distilled vinegar- the most inexpensive brand is just as good as the more expensive one. 
3. Plastic microwavable container with a lid, and a plastic spoon for mixing 
4. Plastic spray bottle- 16 oz is good. 
5. Measuring cup and   funnel 
The first step is to pour 1 cup of your Blue Dawn Dishwashing liquid into the measuring cup and put into plastic container. Next, add 1 cup vinegar into measuring cup and put into the same container. Mix them with the plastic spoon. Put the container into the microwave for 1 minute.  
Funnel the cooled down solution into the plastic spray bottle.  
Go into the inside of the shower and spray the glass, chrome, faucet very liberally with the Shower Door Soap Scum Removal solution. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes, to soak in. 
After the solution sits for 15 minutes, rub vigorously with a sponge all over the shower glass, aluminum, faucet. Rinse off all the soap solution with plenty of clear water in your empty plastic container. Make sure all the shower door soap scum cleaner is removed. Dry with a microfiber rag. If any water spots remain, put some plain vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the glass again. This will take out the residual water spots. Dry again with a fresh, dry microfiber cloth.  
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