Rain-Washing Area Carpets in Evanston, Il. 60201

Many Area Rugs are hand knotted, wool, and are not dry cleanable. They are also way too fragile for carpet cleaning machines, says an environmental Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. Rain-washing is an excellent method for cleaning these delicate carpets and can even be used to renovate old wool carpets that you might be tempted to throw out.

Carpets should never be hung up for rain washing. Their own weight will damage their backing. They should be laid out on sheets or towels on a flat, clean surface such as a lawn, a patio, or a picnic table. If your rug is made of wool, choose a washing location that is in the shade, since wet wool may yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

The following technique can be used:

1. Make sure the weather forecast says a heavy rainfall will be followed by several days of fair weather.

2. Roll the carpet up and carry it outside.

3. Lay it face down on the sheet or towel cover flat surface.

4. Let the rain wash through the carpet.

5. Let the carpet dry in the shade. If the forecast was wrong and the rain lasts for days, you may need to roll the rug up and carry it into a garage where you can lay it out for further drying. If the rug is drying very slowly, try hanging it over several taut clotheslines to dry, says an environmental Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. 

6. Before bringing the dried carpet indoors, shake it briskly or beat it vigorously with a broom in order to dislodge and kill any insect eggs it may have acquired. 


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