To remove moisture and musty smells from a closet, our professional Residential House Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il , suggests some of the following:

* Keep a few open boxes of baking soda somewhere in the closet.

* Put natural clay kitty litter in a shoe box or pie tin, and leave it on the floor of the closet, but NOT if you have a cat who has access to the closet. If it's a walk-in closet and you don't want to step on the litter, put it in the leg of an old pair of pantyhose, knot it closed and hang it in a corner.

* Use chalk or charcoal briquettes or cedar chips to freshen your musty closet. Put them in a pie tin on the floor or hang them in an old pair of pantyhose. However, do not let cedar chips come into direct contact with your clothes. They can cause fabrics to yellow.

If you have louvered or slatted closet doors, you can keep your clothes dust-free and moth-free by covering the openings. Just tape sheets of waxed paper on the inside of the doors.

Storing Blankets can be a problem. If you're like everyone else, your closet space may be limited. Instead of taking up room storing blankets, purchase some inexpensive plastic blanket boxes at a home goods store, such as Home Depot, etc, and  store your blankets in them. They are great for putting on the floor, under your beds.  That way, you save space in the closet, and it makes it easy to get to them on a cold night. 

Most of us have too much stuff so following these above tips, will give us much more freedom to enjoy our life, says this 40+ year old  Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il.

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