Quick Duvet cover changing in Evanston, Il. 60201

Changing a Duvet cover  correctly can take a relatively long, exhausting time to change or a short, rewarding time. We here at Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston,Il. practice and take price in  these quick changing Duvet  techniques in all of our houses. 

Changing  and washing your Duvet cover  weekly, leads to a lot healthier and allergy-free bedroom than just changing your sheets. Wash all your bedding in hot water, at least 130 degree F to kill dust mites. Pillows should also be washed regularly and preferably made of synthetic materials such as Dacron or Orlon. Replace them every 2 to 3 years. 

Keep the humidity low. This reduces the growth of dust mites and mold, keep the indoor relative humidity below 50 percent but above 30 percent. Central air conditioning is great for controlling humidity.It cools and cleans indoor air and keeps outdoor air out. Dehumidifiers are also very useful.

Keep your pet off bedding and furniture. If you must have his favorite spot on the sofa, cover the area with a cloth that you can launder frequently. These are just some of the allergy proofing tips that Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il have followed for over 40 years.

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