Properly Cleaning a Kitchen in Evanston, Il

We all should know how to Properly clean a Kitchen. This room is the most used and enjoyed room in the house so everything should always be decluttered and sanitized for everyone's health and well-being. The following tips have been practiced and proven successful for over 40 years by our Housecleaning Service in Evanston, Il.

1. Take your vacuum cleaner telescopic wand and attach your brush attachment to it. Vacuum your kitchen molding and any ceiling fans and their blades. Be very gentle on the kitchen fan blades, as they could break if you pull on them. If the blades are too greasy, get a step ladder and hand wipe them down.

2. Clean the kitchen cabinets with a soft cloth, and polish if necessary. If they are metal, you can wash them down with a mild dishwashing solution, going from top to bottom so as not to streak them.

3. Wipe off all the small appliances, front and back, such as mixmasters, toasters, blenders, coffee machines, etc.

4. Wash the outside of the oven and the stove top. Use a non-abrasive sponge and a little degreaser to remove tough stains.

5. Remove any and all decals from your refrigerator. Clean the outside, sides, and top with a degreaser or heavy duty window cleaner.

6. Wash/scrub your counter tops to sanitize them. A little baking powder with water will work wonders and will not harm any type of counter top.

7. Wash down the kitchen table and chairs.

8 Vacuum the kitchen floor with the floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Be sure to vacuum all the baseboards and moldings under the cabinets.

9. Wash the kitchen floor with either a neutral vegetable cleaner, such as Murphy's, or a vinegar and dishwashing solution, or just plain water. Whatever your particular type of floor calls for. Just be sure you get into every corner and under all cabinets, tables, and chairs. Do not overwet it. Mop or hand scrub with a small proportion of water and cleaning solution.

10. Follow these instructions in order to properly clean and sanitize your kitchen.

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