Properly Cleaning A Family Room in Evanston, Il.

Properly cleaning a Family Room is quite a challenge. We all eat, drink, play, sometimes sleep, on our sofa's in our Family Room. Good Housecleaning begins here and below are a few cleaning  tips offered by our renown housecleaning service to make your life more managable and carefree:

1. Start by decluttering the room. Take a laundry basket and put in all the items in the room that do not belong in it. Newspapers, magazines, books, dishes, cups, popcorn- you get the idea. Deal with the laundry basket items later when you have finished cleaning the room. Make sure only what should be in the room, is in the room. This will make it much easier for vacuuming and dusting all the surfaces.

2. Take the telescopic wand  of your vacuum cleaner and attach your brush attachment to it and vacuum all your cobwebs and moldings on your ceilings. Then vacuum your light fixtures and ceiling fans, being careful not to break any light bulbs or fan blades. Be very gentle when doing these. Let the vacuum do the work.

3. Change the attachment brush for your vacuum cleaner to the one that is appropriate for sofa's and chairs and upholstery. Lift the cushions up and vacuum the cushions and underneath them as well. Don't forget the sofa pillows or any other pillows in the room. Vacuum the front, side, and back, if accessible, of your sofa and chairs. After vacuuming them well, replace them is the correct position. Vacuum any small carpets, large area carpets or wall-wall carpeting. be sure to set your vacuum cleaner on the correct setting for the height of your carpet.

4. Prepare a cleaning solution bucket. It should include, a window cleaner, a wood cleaner,a wood polish, a neutral cleaner such as Murphy's vegetable soap, 4 dust cloths, ( Microfiber cloths work well for dry dusting) and a  mop and pole. Start from the right of the room to the left. From top to bottom so as not to forget any surface. Use the specific cleaner for each surface. Don't forget the underside of glass coffee tables too. Apply polish as you need it but not too much so as to make it slippery or sticky.

5. Mix some water and either vinegar or vegetable soap in a bucket of warm water and put your mop head, preferably the newer type of flat mops that come off of the poles and can be washed out in the bucket after a few strokes. These are definitely more sanitary and cleaner than the previous generation. When mopping the floor, don't forget to move all your chairs, ottomans, side tables, coffee tables- if movable, and to mop underneath your sofa and behind it, if possible. 

6. After letting your floor thoroughly dry. Put small carpets back into their place. You should Properly clean your Family Room once a week and declutter your Family Room every day.


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