Non-Abrasive, Gentle, Hand Scrubbing Solutions in Northbrook, Il.

Scrubbing Pads can be made of metal, such as copper or soap-infused steel wood: plastic: or nylon, says a renown 40+ Residential Cleaning Service servicing the Northbrook, Il. area. They are designed to be used wet. The majority of such pads are too harsh for many household surfaces, as per Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook.

Round plastic pads, which are relatively gentle, are useful for scrubbing baked food off of pots and pans but are often too loosely constructed to be useful on other surfaces with finer accumulations of soil. For most jobs where extra scrubbing is essential, thin, rectangular nylon pads are the best choice. They are color coded to indicate their level of abrasiveness, although there is little consistency from brand to brand or even within a brand. In general, however, white pads are the gentlest. Always read labels carefully before buying them and choose pads labeled "nonabrasive," "mildly abrasive," or "light ." Before using an abrasive pad, test it first to make sure it won't scratch. Never use any type of abrasive on mirrored or reflective surfaces such as chrome; on any type of plastic, including fiberglass or acrylic tubs; or on nonstick cookware.  duty

Although many people use scouring powders every time they clean the bathroom or the kitchen sink, these products can do more harm than good when used regularly. Scouring powders contain abrasives designed to wear away dirt and grease- and in the process can wear away the surface you're trying to maintain. They may also contain chlorine bleach to lift stains, which can further damage surfaces. To minimize wear, reserve cleansers, even liquid cleaners, which are gentler than powdered ones, for stubborn stains or buildup. If you choose to use an abrasive cleanser, purchase one labeled "mildly abrasive" or safe for acrylics or fiberglass" which will help ensure they are gentle. Mildest of all is plain baking soda mixed with water, so says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service.

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