Marble Maintenance and Cleaning in Evanston, IL



Marble Maintenance and Cleaning is a must. Marble stone is one of the most beautiful but porous stones in existence. It needs special and consistent attention in order to preserve it.  Marble tiles, countertops and floors, all need a special type of cleaning in order not to get any stains and spots that will permanently etch or scratch the surface.

If you have Marble Kitchen or Bathroom countertops, always place something under any sharp edges appliances or knick-knacks. Decorative kitchen placements or small rubber mats should be placed under toasters, toaster-ovens, Mix-masters, etc. Never slide anything over the Marble. Marble scratches very easily and those scratches, if deep enough, will be permanent. If any juices are spilled, especially citric, e.g. Orange Juice, wipe it up immediately. The same with any coffee spilled. All of these items will stain the Marble. Never cut anything directly onto the countertop, either. The knife will scratch the Marble surface.

If you have Marble Floors, make sure you put under all your sharp edge chairs and tables, some soft stick-on pads so as not to scratch the floor. Never drag anything over your Marble.

To Maintain and clean Marble, use a very mild dishwashing soap- such as Dawn- and lot’s of water. Put them into a spray bottle and spray and clean often. The best cloth to use is a good quality microfiber. Wash it with one, then dry with another cloth. This solution is great also to wash Marble Floors. Make sure you do not put too much water onto the surface. The water will seep into the Marble’s Pores and make it even more vulnerable to stains and dirt tracked into the house. Regularly clean Marble. Keep all the dust and dirt from accumulating.

Marble does need sealing, every 6 months or so. Any good quality sealer from a home-goods store, e.g. Home-Depot or hardware store should be fine. Apply it regularly to keep your Marble Shining and Beautiful.

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