Maid, House Cleaning Tips in Evanston, IL., for Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets

Maid, House Cleaning Tips in Evanston, IL., for effectively Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet. Cast Iron has been in our kitchens for hundred’s of years. It was used by the our first settlers here in America and before that, in all of Europe. It has the even, heat properties for effectively and thoroughly cooking anything, either over a stove or over a hot fire. However, as our extremely knowledgeable, Evanston House Cleaning Maids can attest to, it needs to have special, unique care to preserve its particular, quality of heating. Our 45 Year Old House Cleaning Service, Dial-A-Maid, knows just what to use on washing and keeping the vast effectiveness of Cast Iron Skillets. We pride ourselves on using the best methods for any type of House Cleaning and Dish and Pan washing. Therefore, the best and oldest Residential Maid Service in Evanston, IL., Dial-A-Maid, has researched and discovered the best and most beneficial way to wash and clean any Cast Iron Pots and skillets. Below, is the procedure that we have found to very effectively Clean and Re-season Cast Iron.

The first thing to be aware of in cleaning your Cast Iron Skillet, says our 45 Year Old House Cleaning Service, Dial-A-Maid, in Evanston, IL.,  is to try to immediately wash it after you use it. It should not be allowed to soak in water in the sink. This will allow rust to start to form and to destroy any of the Cast Iron Heating Properties. Thus, your Cast Iron Skillet will becomes useless. No one wants to eat or should eat from a Skillet that has any rust in it.

The second item to remember, says our 45 Year Old House Cleaning Service, Dial-A-Maid, in Evanston, IL., is not to use any soap to Clean it. Just very hot water and a sponge or a stiff brush. No Dishwasher soap, or any type of soap, or even steel wool. These all will strip the Cast Iron Pan’s Seasoning qualities, thus again, rendering it useless for cooking purposes. If there is any stuck on food left in the pan, make a paste of kosher salt and water. Take a soft cloth and gently remove any of the stuck on food left there. Immediately wash it again, in only hot water, to get the food out.

The next item  to be aware of for preserving your Cast Iron Skillet, is to never, ever, put it into the dishwasher. The soap in the dishwasher will destroy all it’s special properties and nothing you can do will bring it back to it’s original state.

Occasionally, our Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning Maids say,  your Cast Iron Skillet will occasionally, need to be re-seasoned. This will preserve it’s flavor and unique properties. The easiest way to achieve this is to take ½ of a raw potato and sprinkle some Baking Soda on it. Gently, rub it into the inside of the Skillet, as well as the outside. This will help to promote and continue the Cast Iron’s effectiveness and it’s heating properties.

The last item that our Evanston, House Cleaning Maids, Dial-A-Maid, espouses about Cast Iron, is to be sure you dry the Skillet thoroughly, either with a paper towel or a soft, kitchen towel. All of these ways will enhance and preserve your Cast Iron for many, many years.

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