Laundry washing and sorting in Evanston,Il, 60201


Sorting and washing laundry can prevent disasters before they occur. Dial-A-Maid cleaning service in Evanston, Il 60201 has developed a system to help you keep and preserve your clothes. We have found the following pointers to be useful.

1. Start by removing any hand-wash labeled items from your laundry basket. These might include silk, linen, lingerie, and some woolen items.

2. Divide the remaining laundry first according to the care label, then according to color. Make different piles for whites, dark colors, and bright colors. When sorting, be sure to sort the true whites from the pastels. Do not include pale pastels and grays together.There should be in a separate wash for light colors. Before you launder shirts and blouses, scrub a stain-removing product into the collar area. Collars often collect grime and dirt. On a regular daily basis, check for stains and treat them accordingly with a stain-removing product. This should be done as soon as possible after the stain occurs. Soak graying whites for 2 hours with the recommended amount of stain-removing detergent and 1 oz Borax. Use hot water in the soak cycle of your washing machine and soak for at least 2 hours. Then machine wash at the hottest recommended temperature. Calcium deposits can make your clothes turn gray, so add a capful of water softener to your wash.

4. Turn dark items inside out to help preserve their color and do the same to T-shirts with any embroidered and applied designs. Make sure that you fasten zippers and buttoms.  

5. Empty all your pockets of tissues, these disintegrate and pieces will end up on the rest of the wash, and loose change and other loose items as they may cause damage to the machine.

6. DO NOT OVERFILL your washing machine! Leave enough room for the water and your clothes to move around. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations on load sizes. Nothing destroys clothes  or the washing machine motor itself as much as overfilling and stuffing your washer. Your washer will not work efficiently and your clothes will not be clean.Call Dial-A-Maid cleaning service in Evanston, Il. 60201 to assist you with your laundry needs. 


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