In Evanston, Il. 60201, Bed Bug Bite Information

In Evanston Il. 60201, Dial-a-Maid Cleaning Service talks about bed bugs. Ask anyone what they know about a bed bug and even the most uninformed person will tell you, "They live in your bed and they bite you" Yes they do live in your bed, but they don't bite, they suck, both literally and figuratively. Some basic facts you will need to know about bed bug bites are the following:

1. Everyone with bed bugs does not get itchy bed bug bites. Who are these lucky people? The physical appearance of an itchy bite has to do with how allergic you are. So just as one mosquite bite may leave you itching like mad and the other may not itch at all, no two bed bugs have to be the same. Also, their intensity varies from person to person. Men are affected less than women by bites. 9 out of 10 men don't manifest allergic reactions to the bites, even though they have been bitten. It sounds unbelievable, but often with couples who share a bed, the woman will be covered and miserable and the man will have hardly a bite, even if an inspection shows that more of the bugs are hanging out on his side of the mattress. Not only do women tend to be more allergic to bites, but they also are the favored food source. Bed bugs are more attracted to women because of their higher body temperature, warmer bodies represent a blood meal, due to ovulation.

2. All bed bug bites do not look alike. If you do have a bite, you may search online for photos that confirm whether or not it is from a bed bug. Unfortunately, there is no standard- looking bite. Depending where on your body they attack, how long they feed, or how much blood was extracted, there can be anything from tiny red marks, to ball shaped blisters, to big puffy welts. Welts are typically seen on the torso. Smaller bites will appear on arms and legs.

Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. 60201, will continue to give you tips on bed bugs on subsequent posts. 


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