How to clean light fixtures easily in Evanston, Il

Before starting,to clean your light fixtures, make sure the light is off and cooled. Unscrew mounts or fasteners. This will let you take down the lens and put the mounts back on the screws or bolts.

Next, soak the lens in a sink full of hot, soapy water. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes. Kitchen light fixtures especially have no doubt, accumulated airborne grease, cooking smoke, and even bugs, so you might have to soak your kitchen light fixtures even more time so all the sticky stuff comes off. If you scrub the lens or bulb with a brush to get all the residue off, your chances of scratching or breaking the lens are good. 

Wash the lens with a microfiber soft cloth in hot water and let it drip dry. A lot of light fixture manufacturers recommend not to wipe the lens with a cloth to dry it because it leaves a static charge that attracts more dirt.

To clean a  fluorescent light fixture,  take it out from it's fixture so it will not break and shatter everything with glass, and bits of metal. Fluorescent light fixtures are very delicate and can be quite dangerous if not handled properly.

Lampshades, can be easily cleaned with a dry sponge or a cleaning eraser sponge. It works wonders. Be sure to vacumm the lampshade first to get all the small dust and dirt particles out. Don't forget to always unplug your electrical outlets  before cleaning your light fixtures in Evanston, Il.



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