How to clean hardwood floors in Evanston, Il., 60201

Cleaning hardwood floors should be a must on our weekly cleaning agenda. Hardwood floors are a big investment so we should be diligent in keeping them free from dirt and dust, and cleaned often.

The first line of attack on how to clean hardwood floors is to be out the dirt and dust from initially getting on the hardwood floor. Two good walk-off mats are essential for this. One mat on the inside of the door before walking on the hardwood floor and the other on the outside of the door for wiping one's shoes before entering the house. 

Secondly, floor protectors under any movable objects are essential to prevent scratches . All chairs, tables, carts, anything that will stay on the hardwood floor or anything that is movable, should have felt protectors under them. And, never put a protector and then nail it in. That is a disaster. You will not be able to remove the protector when it gets worn out and thereafter, the nail will penetrate the protector and will continually scratch the floor.

The third thing to be sure to do when you cleaning any hardwood floor, is to vacuum the floor before you wash it. Vacuuming is essential to get all the grit and small crumbs up so they do not become embedded in the floor.

When you wash the floor, use a flat mop, and terry cover or microfiber cloth. They are common place now at all Home Improvement stores. Take a bucket of water and add a capfull of white, distilled vinegar or  a capfull of dishwashing soap to the water. Mix well. Take your terry cloth cover or microfiber clothe and put it in the bucket, then wring it out very well before placing it on your mop. It should be almost dry. Never, ever, use a string mop. Your floor will warp in places that too much water has been left by the strings. There is no way to prevent that with a string mop. Mop the perimeter of the floor first, under the counters, frig, oven, then wash in an S pattern all over the floor. Make sure with every few wipes, you put your terry cover back into the mop bucket and wash out the dirt and wring it out  again  and again. 

I hope this has been helpful in showing you how to clean a hardwood floor in Evanston, Il. 60201 by Dial-A-Maid  in Evanston, Il 60201





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