House Cleaning Tips in Evanston, IL

It is a fact that there aren’t many people who can say that they love to dust their home. They tend to dislike this kind of chore and unfortunately this is one of the things that cannot be avoided. House cleaning is one of the most important things that can be done to keep yourself and your family happy and healthy. This article will give you tips to a dust-proof home. With these tips you will have more time for more important areas in your life.

1. Decorate with things that will not hold dust. Avoid tiny figurines that have lots of curves and corners. Corners are where dust set.
2. Keep your floors simple. Tiles or hard floors are much easier to clean. Carpeted floors hold more dirt and animal dander can make many people sick. Hard floors are easier to maintain.
3. Use air purifiers because they can cut down on the amount of dust you have in the air.
4. Dehumidifiers are great humidity eliminators in the air .It can make your home with a moist environment that will collect more dust.
5. Keep the stuffed animals to a minimum because they are one of the biggest dust collectors.
6. Let everything be vacuumed. Most people do not think of dusting things like appliances but these can also carry dust.
7. Protect your bedding. Use mattress covers that will help keep the dust off where you sleep.
8. Always leave your shoes at the door. Shoes can track in all sorts of things so by having them outside of the house, you can avoid dust to come inside.


These are simple steps you can follow to have a dust-free home. For all of your house cleaning needs in Evanston, IL call Dial-a-Maid. They are always ready to help!

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