Homemade Plant Cleaner

With all of the time we spend indoors because of our crazy Chicago weather we should try to do everything we can to insure healthy clean air. Houseplants help purify the air for us and give us so many health benefits. We read that not only do plants have the potential to clear our minds, help us breath and let us get a good night's sleep,   Kansas State University researchers have found that by adding plants to hospital rooms speeds the recovery of surgical patients! There are so many benefits of houseplants and so many to choose from it's hard to decide on which type to get. We found a great list of houseplants and their benefits at Mother Nature Network.

Once you get those plants in your home you need to keep them clean and dust free! We found that a little bit of mayo will polish those leaves right up. Your Philodendron and Spiderplant will shine like the stars they are!

Call us at Dial A Maid to help clean the leaves of your houseplants and the rest of your home! Remeber: It's Us-Or Dust 

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