Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization

Organizing your kitchen is very subjective. The trick lies in finding which way works most efficiently for you. A well-organized kitchen will make meal preparation and planning, easier and more enjoyable. If your cupboards are filled to the top or if you can never find what you are looking for, it's time to impose order. The following list will help:

1. Store things where you use them. Pots and pans are best kept near or under the range. Mixing bowls near the countertop you use for food preparation. Plates, glasses, and flatware near the dishwasher.

2. Group like items together , store all bakeware in the same cupboard, all wooden spoons in the same ceramic crock, and all spices in the same drawer.Dial-A-Maid cleaning service in Evanston, Il, has been professionally organizaning kitchens for years.

3. Store your most frequently used items in the most accessible places. Keep things you use most often at eye level. Store heavy items below waist level and items not used very much in either high areas or areas outside of the kitchen, such as your basement or garage. 

4. Try to take inventory at least every 6 months, and get rid of damaged or no longer used items and appliances.

5. Keep small kitchen items in containers- preferrably see-thru, and mark them with labels or indelable pen. 

Cleanliness is of the utmost necessity in the kitchen. Dial-A-Maid cleaning service in Evanston Il,  specializes in the meticulous cleaning of kitchens. It is of paramount importance to keep the highest standards of sanitization, neatness and order in a kitchen. A Clean, Pristine demands kitchen demands a lot of old-fashioned elbow grease and a committment to keeping an organized kitchen.


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