Dusting for health, Evanston, Il.60201


Proper Dusting is one of the most important aspects of keeping a house free of disease and allergies. Improper Dusting can lead to many more colds and flu symptoms.

The best way to Dust is from top to bottom,in a circulation motion. Start from all high surfaces first, such as moldings, door frames, picture frames, ceiling fans and

lights  and move down  from there. Dust accumulates on horizontal surfaces, such as dressers,TV's, window sills. Dust does not adhere nearly as readily to vertical surfaces

Dampen the cleaning rag with either plain water or with a dust repellant, Make sure when dusting, you get into all the corners and crevices. Use a small paint or tooth brush for those hard to reach areas.

Use your Vacuum cleaner attachments  for absorbing the dust from venetian blinds, light fixtures, ceiling fans, all upholstered furniture.  Remove all sofa cushions, and chair cushions and vacuum them on all sides and under them.

 Whether dusting yourself or hiring a professional cleaning company like Dial-A-Maid, with a motto of "It's Us of Dust", dusting frequently is paramont to keeping your home disease and allergy free this winter. 


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