Disposals Don'ts in Evanston, Il.

Much to a homeowner's chagrin, not all kitchen garbage flush down the garbage disposal. But, isn't that what disposals are for? Yes and no, says an environmental healthy Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. According to All Drain Services, Dracut, Mass. and A&J Drain Service, Arnold, Mo., and written about in Angies List book. The cost to clear a clogged drain starts around $ 110, but properly disposing of kitchen waste is free and saves you from clogged drains. To keep your pipes clean, avoid putting these items into your disposal.

Kitchen Grease or Cooking Oil. They're liquids, so down the drain, right? Wrong- grease and oil can harden when they cool in the drain. Instead, dump them into coffee cans or sealed containers and dispose in the trash.

Coffee Grounds or Eggshells. These morning staples can get heavy when mixed with water, and can lead to a clogged pipe. Properly dispose of these items in the trash, or use them in the garden as compost for your flowers and veggies.

Potatoes, Beans, Pasta or Rice. These items also will expand when mixed with water, forming a paste- like substance that coats the inside of the pipes.

As an added Tip: As tempting as it might be to use store-bought liquid drain cleaners, they don't work well and can damage the pipes in the long run, concurs our environmental, healthy Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il.

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