Construction Cleaning In Deerfield, IL

 Countless homeowners embark on remodeling journeys in an attempt to turn their homes into something worth living in. These projects can leave quite a mess behind, however, with wreckage and debris left all over the place. That is where our home cleaning business comes in. We provide construction cleaning in Deerfield, IL for even the largest home remodeling projects. There are three types of services we offer during construction clean-up.


The basic service we offer is traditional clean-up. This includes picking up any boards, fixtures, or other components torn apart and ensuring they get to the proper place, such as the garbage truck. Large or small, all unwanted items will be picked up and removed from the premises.  

Wipe Down and Polish Surfaces

Once everything is picked up, the surfaces need to be wiped down. We will not only wipe down the remaining surfaces, but we will polish them as well. This ensures no dust or paint specs are left behind in places where they shouldn't be. Everything will be left with a smooth, clean finish.

Remove Hazardous Material

With the place cleaned-up and wiped down, our cleaning crew's last job is to remove the material from the site. We will ensure all hazardous material gets taken to an appropriate dump site so it can not cause harm to the area. We typically have a dumpster on hand to put the materials in, which we then transport elsewhere when the project is completed.

Construction Cleaning consists of a lot of work, all of which our clean-up crew will get done. From the initial clean-up, to wiping down surfaces, and removing materials from the grounds, our cleaners work quickly to get homes cleaned up and ready for living as soon as possible. Contact us today for more information about our services with Construction Cleaning In Deerfield, IL.


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