Cleaning Televisions in Evanston, Il 60201


Televisions seem always to attract dust and fingerprints! Dial-A-Maid in Evanston, Il. 60201 have some great pointers to clean and dust any size and type of T.V.

1. Unplug the television, then use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the back, paying special attention to the vented grills.

2. Using a wet microfiber cloth that has been squeezed out throughly, wipe away any dirt and dust on the television casing, the wires, and the plug.

3. Using another well-squeezed out microfiber cloth with a dab of dishwashing liquid, gently remove any dirty marks from the television screen.

4. Using a dry microfiber cloth, gently and rapidly buff the screen dry. All the fingerprints and smudges will come off very easily.

On a daily basis, quickly wipe the screen with a dry microfiber cloth.

On a weekly basis, vacuum behind the television with the brush attachment.

On a monthly basis, wipe electronic equipment with a slightly damp cloth. Include remote controls, DVD players, and any game consoles.

Always remember to clean the remote control . Experts have claimed that it harbors lots of germs and bacteria. Use a cotton swab squeezed out in warm water and a little dishwashing liquid, to remove any dirt from between the buttons. Dial-A-Maid cleaning service in Evanston, Il. 60201 have cleaned and preserved some of the biggest and most sophisticated televisions in the Chicagoland area for many years. 


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