Cleaning Porcelain, Enameled Sinks and Surfaces in Evanston, Il 60201

Porcelain, Enameled sinks and surfaces are composed of glass melted onto a metal base. This surface, like other glass, is easily damaged by acids and harsh abrasives, and will chip or crack if it is hit with a hard object. The following suggestions are made by Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il 60201, on maintaining and cleaning your Porcelain Enameled Sinks and surfaces.

1. Don't allow food or beverage residues or metal cans to remain on the Porcelain surface.

2. Clean your Enameled sink with hot water and mild dish liquid or baking soda, then rinse well with plain water.

3. If you need to scrub the sink, use a plastic netting scrubber or plastic sponge that won't scratch it.

4. If your sink gets stained, pour a little consumer strength-3 per-cent- hydrogen peroxide on a clean, wet cloth, rub it on the stain, and rinse it off immediately. Don't allow it to sit on the surface for more than a couple of seconds.If you follow these simple steps,as Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il 60201 suggests, you will be able to have clean, stain free Porcelain Enameled surfaces for years to come. 


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