Cleaning Myths

. Here are some common comprehensive cleaning myths and mistakes that either don't get things cleaned as they should or waste valuable time that could be spent on other areas of your home:

The Surface Cleaning MythsA big chunk of comprehensive cleaning is putting your weekly or monthly cleaning schedule on steroids: After vacuuming, you also steam clean. After sweeping, you also mop the floors. You move furniture and refrigerators. You dust and wash edges, corners, crown moldings, baseboards. So, here are some common myths and mistakes associated with this super-cleaning.


  • Flooring, Countertops, and Fixtures: The notion that bleach effectively cleans these surfaces is myth. Bleach is a very potent, toxic substance that can severally damage floors, and countertops. Even a drop that inadvertantly falls, can cause irreparable damage. There are many commercial degreasers that, when used according to their directions, will magnificently clean any floor. For Countertops, especially any kind of stone-eg. granite, marble,quartz, corian, any type of high potentcy dishwashing soap will clean them immaculately. Every month, you should get special stone sealer and buff it  into  your countertops to keep them shiny and to prevent stains.



  • Carpets: Carpet cleaning does more harm than good. Some homeowners have become so petrified of these dangers that they neglect any form of carpet cleaning. Be careful of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines that can be rented for the day because  you can over saturate your carpets and leave them prone to mold and odors. A good, professional carpet cleaner will know just how to effectively clean your carpet without causing any of these dangers.




  • Wood Cabinets and Furniture: The biggest myth about maintaining wood is that consistently applying wood polish is not necessarily the best thing for wood. Wood polish preserves the finish and detracts dust and fingerprints.We, here at Dial-A-Maid, have found that  Lemon oil polish is one of the most beneficial wood polishes that you can use. It lets the wood breathe and also lets the furniture retain it's beauty.Also, dry dusting may be enough to keep your wood looking good between those polishes. Use a soft, microfiber cloth to dry dust and to apply furniture polish. But, apply  your polish very sparingly,  you don't want  sticky wood cabinets or furniture.  



  • Tile Grout: The myth here is the degree of difficulty in cleaning tile grout. After removing as much dirt as you can with water, you can use baking soda with a little bit of vinegar to clean your grout. Use a commercial, nylon tooth brush to scrub in between the grout. The acid from the vinegar and the powerful cleaning baking soda , does wonders for that dirty grout. Or you can call Dial-A-Maid to get your house immaculately cleaned.




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