Cleaning Marble and Granite Readily in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Northbrook, IL.

Cleaning Marble and Granite readily in Evanston, IL., Glenview, IL., Northbrook, IL. Marble and Granite are beautiful, natural stones that only need a little extra TLC to retain their beauty and functionality. Below are a few cleaning tips to keep Marble and Granite looking their best.

  1. Clean any spills, no matter if water, juice, etc. immediately. Blot and wipe them up with a soft, microfiber cloth. The natural stone will not absorb the liquid and, thus, not make a stain, recommends Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning Service, in Evanston, IL.
  2. Stick to a natural, homemade recipe cleaner to keep your counters always clean. No need to invest in the pricey, made for marble and granite cleaners available in our supermarkets and homegood stores. Mix 1 tablespoon dish soap with 1 cup warm water. Pour it into a spray bottle and use this to clean your marble and granite. This will clean your marble and granite gently and thoroughly. Be sure not to clean with any acids, such as anything with lemon or vinegar in it. The acid will etch the granite and marble, says Dial-A-Maid, a 45 year old Northshore House Cleaning Service in Evanston, IL.
  3. If you do get a stain, make a poultice of one part water and 1 part baking soda. Mix it well in a bowl with a spoon. Apply it to the stain and place some plastic wrap over the stain and poultice. Let it sit overnight or for 24 hours. In the morning, take the plastic off and wash the off the poultice with your cleaning solution. Your stain should be gone. If not, you might have to repeat the procedure again the following day, advises Dial-A-Maid, a premier House Cleaning Service in Glenview, IL.
  4. If you do not have Baking Soda, you can use baking flour. Put one cup flour in a bowl with 3 tablespoons dishwashing liquid. Make sure the dishwashing liquid soap does not contain any lemon or lime content. Place the mixture on the stain and seal it with the plastic wrap, for at least 24 hours. Then, remove the plastic wrap and the stain should be gone, says Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning Service, in Northbrook, IL.
  5. Marble and Granite also needs to be occasionally sealed to preserve its shine and durability. When a few drops of water does not bead up on the surface of your granite and marble anymore, it is time to apply a sealant. There are many different, good, commercial sealers that you can purchase at your favorite grocery or home goods store. Usually you just have to spray the solution on, work it into the marble or granite with a soft cloth, and buff it off, says Dial-A-Maid, a premier House Cleaning Service on the Northshore of Chicago.
  6. You can also disinfect marble and granite with an equal portion of isopropyl alcohol and water. Spray it onto the surface and leave it sit for about 5 minutes. Wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth. Your counters will be naturally disinfected, recommends Dial-A-Maid House Cleaning Service, in Evanston, IL.

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