Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets in Evanston, Il.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets should be done in your weekly cleaning routine. However, wiping them down should be done on a daily basis to prevent ground in dirt and grease to accumulate and to build-up on your cabinets. Many people feel that wiping down their cabinets on a daily basis might  not be good for them and might deteriorate them. But, cabinets were made to be cleaned often and well. They are very resilient and durable.

When wiping down your kitchen cabinets, if they are wood or wood type, use a little vegetable soap- such as Murphy's , or dishwashing liquid soap.  Put 1 tablespoon Murphy's or dishwashing soap into a 16 oz. spray bottle of water. Shake it up very well. Spray it on a cotton cloth or cotton rag and start to wipe your cabinets from the left side of the kitchen to the right side, top to bottom so as not to forget anything. Be sure your rag is only damp, not wringing wet, as this will damage the wood. You might have to scrub around the handles a little bit more, due to fingerprint  smudges. If you have metal cabinets, you can use just about anything on them but your dishwashing liquid soap is usually the most effective and does not leave any soap residue. Make sure you change your cleaning rags or cloths when they get dirty. Usually 2-3 cloths should be enough. Go with the grain of the wood,  usually up and down. This eliminates any streaking on the wood so you do not have to rinse them. 

Occasionally, do to all the cooking in the kitchen and all the grease and food particles in the air, polishing should be done. A good wood polish can be bought at any supermarket. Be careful, though, not to use too much of the polish. It will make your cabinets sticky and foggy. Again, apply the polish with the grain of the wood for the most benefit  and protection of your cabinets.  By cleaning  your kitchen cabinets on a regular  basis, you ensure your family of a healthy and sanitized environment, says a 40+year old Residential Cleaning Company in Evanston, Il.

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