Ceiling washing and cleaning in Evanston, Il 60201

You don't walk on them and you rarely touch them, but still your ceilings get dirty. Tiny bits of dirt, dust, and other floating particles attach to a ceiling and make it look dim or dingy. For light cleaning jobs, the dry method is best. Heavy duty dirt may require a detergent solution. Here, in Evanston, Il 60201, Dial-A-Maid cleaning Service says, for conventional cleaning of smooth ceilings, simply dusting with a lamb's wool duster may be adequate to remove dust, particulate, and loose soil very effectively. Lanb's wool dusters can be purchased at most hardware and houseware stores, with extension poles that will reach most ceilings.

If the duster doesn't do the trick, or for ceilings stained by soot, you may need to get on a ladder and rub by hand. Rub grime darkened areas with a putty wallpaper cleaner or a dry foam rubber sponge, available again at most hardware and houseware stores. Place a drop cloth under the ladder to catch debris. 

For more serious cleaning jobs, mix 2-3 ounces of a household detergent such as Spic and Span in 1 gallon water, and then rub the ceiling with a sponge dipped in the solution. A drop cloth should most definitely be used in this case to absorb the drips. To prevent bead marks on the ceiling, dry thoroughly with a clean cloth or towel. 

Textured ceilings present more of a challenge. You don't want to rub them, or else you may break small pieces of the ceiling off. And they're too absorbent to use a lot of water on. Dust gently, or vacuum using a brush attachment. You may also try lightly spraying dirty spots with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water, using mixture amounts recommended on the container. You don't need to wipe this away. If textured ceilings become seriously stained or dirty, the best option may be to paint over them, using a paint sprayer. 

Always use a drop cloth when washing or scrubbing ceilings. Use goggles to protect your eyes from drips. Professional cleaners at Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service in Evanston,il 60201 can take care of those dusty and dirty ceilings.

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