Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Highland Park IL Keeping your carpets clean will not only help prolong the life of your expensive investment, but will give you a beautiful home to come home to each day.

Our proven system of hot water extraction is the method preferred by leading carpet manufacturers to best restore and maintain your carpet. This method removes dirt and allergens, providing you with a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

Our technician will look over your carpet with you to assure we will meet your expectation level.

We move any necessary furniture and block off areas with safety cones.


Next, we will thoroughly vacuum your carpet with a professional HEPA-filtered vacuum to remove loose soil.


Pre - treat
We pretreat your carpet to help loosen soil, specifically targeting high traffic lanes and stains. This is a necessary step to remove deep-down soil and hard to remove stains.


We extract your carpet using professional equipment that injects a hot water cleaning solution into your carpet, which is then extracted along with dirt, soil, and allergens. This method is considered “deep-cleaning”, and is recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute as their preferred method of cleaning.


We rake your carpet with a nylon pile lifter to raise and separate the carpet fibers, leaving it looking its best.


Finally, we walk through your home with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Frequently Asked Carpeting Questions

My carpets are 7 years old. Will you be able to get out all the dirt?
Our process removes deep-down soil, but often times older carpet shows signs of wear which appears as a discoloration of traffic areas. This is an unfortunate consequence of time and daily use, and there is nothing that can be done to get these areas to look “new” again. The use of rugs, mats, and frequent vacuuming can help prevent this, as well as rearranging of furnishings to change these high traffic patterns of wear.


What do I need to do before you arrive?
While we will move many items of furniture, we recommend you remove such items as plants, collectables, electronics, lamps, and any breakables. We will not move heavy items such as entertainment centers, china cabinets, pool tables, pianos, or other such items. You will be asked to sign a waiver in the case that simply moving an item damages it.


How long does it take to clean my carpets?
An average room takes 20 minutes, but this can vary dependent on the level of soil, amount of furniture, and other such factors.


How much time is needed for my carpets to dry?
Several factors affect this, including the type of carpet, humidity, and air flow. Allow 2-24 hours, although use of air-conditioning or heating will speed this up. It is best to allow the carpet to dry before walking on it, but if you do, remove your shoes to prevent re-soiling.


How often do I need my carpets cleaned?
Obviously, several factors affect this. The amount of use and the environment you are in dictate the frequency of cleaning, although as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that carpets be cleaned every 12-18 months. Regular cleaning not only enhances the beauty of your home, but helps create a healthy environment.


Is this safe for my children and pets?
Yes, the chemicals we use are safe for children and pets. It is best to avoid contact until the carpets have dried, but incidental contact should not cause any problems.


Do I have to be home while you clean my carpets?
While we do like to meet with you to go over any questions or concerns you might have, you do not need to be home while our trained professionals clean your carpet.