Carpet Cleaning In Evanston, IL

 All home and business owners know how difficult it is to keep a rug clean. Stains, spills, mud, dirt, food and garbage are different types of substances that can ruin any type of rug. When you try to clean a rug on your own or with the help of your custodial staff; this can be a rather difficult task. The fact is that carpets are extremely hard to clean and to keep in good condition. One way to overcome this problem is by hiring our carpet cleaning Evanston, IL service.

Our carpet cleaning Evanston, IL service is able to get your carpet clean regardless of the amount of dirt and grime that is embedded in the fibers. We use a variety of different techniques to steam clean your rugs and to remove heavy duty stains.

One of the most common types of cleaning methods that we use is steam cleaning. This particular process uses extremely hot water to remove dirt out of a carpet. After the cleaning process is finished the carpet must be left to dry for 12 to 24 hours.

Another technique that we utilize is dry cleaning. This type of carpet cleaning technique does not use water. Instead, we use a dry chemical compound cleaning agent that is worked into the fibers of a carpet by a special machine. Once this substance has been worked it is then vacuumed out of the rug right along with the dirt and debris.

We can help you to choose the best method for the type of carpet you have and the kind of use that it endures. Our techs will work hard to clean your carpets and we can even be scheduled to perform this service periodically. Give our carpet cleaning Evanston, IL services a try and experience first hand how we can immediately improve the appearance of your business or home's carpeting.


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