If windows that need cleaning are too high for you to reach, get a water gun and a long-handle squeegee. Fill the water gun with a cleaning solution and spray it on the window pane, then squeegee it off. It's safer than climbing up on a stool or ladder. If you clean your windows on a bright, sunny day, they will dry quickly, leaving those dreaded streaks. The answer? Clean windows on an overcast day so that they will dry more slowly, giving you more time to wipe them .

When freezing temperatures are in the forecast, dot the inside of your window with glycerin ( available at drugstores), then use a cloth to spread the dots into a thin layer that covers the entire window. Glycerin's moisture - binding ability helps prevent warm, moist air from seeping out and forming moisture on the outside window pane, which then freezes, causing the window to become frosted. 

To create a fantastic windowsill cleaner, our professional Residential House Cleaning Service in Wilmette, Il. says to  combine equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and water, then wet a soft cloth with the solution. Use it to wipe the sill clean. Be sure to test a small area of the sill to make sure it's safe. DO NOT use this solution on bare metal. To prevent dirt, paint the windowsill with high-gloss paint or clear polyurethane. Both will help prevent dust from sticking and are easy to clean.

To clean window screens, before you wash the screen, vacuum up the dirt that's sitting there. Then you can get any leftover dirt by pressing a sticky lint roller over the screen's surface. After vacuuming and/or lint rollering, you may not need to wash the screen at all.

To clean venetian blinds, Dial-A-Maid Cleaning Service says to dust the slats with your hands- just cover them with either cotton socks or gloves. If the blinds need more than dusting, you can disassemble them, then wash them in the bathtub or hose them down outside on your porch. Keep the slats cleaner longer by giving them the once-over with fabric softener sheets to help repel dust.

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